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A relaxed mind

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A relaxed mind

A relaxed mind is a creative mind – who was it who said that? Was it Yogi Bhajan or just conventional teabag wisdom … well anyway s/he was right! This past month I did move – not exactly on a whim, but certainly on the fly …  to use a few idioms! Although I had been sporadically packing items not used on a daily basis, I was not ready to move only one week after making the final decision. I was still packing the morning of the move after the truck had been picked up! What was that I said about my mind again?

Right! Being relaxed. Moving involves a myriad of details – from changing utility bills, to letting friends and family know about your new contact info, new patterns to commute to work, adjustments to your new surroundings and so on. And that was only for a move within Hamilton for two adults!  Add to that some temperamental hot water resulting in freezing or scalding showers and no hot water in the kitchen. This too shall pass … However, relaxed I am not.

I’ve also been putting off the inevitable – that even though I’ve moved home and work this month and everything is still not settled and working perfectly, its time to get back to what I was doing before I moved. This includes my regular work, both social and real time networking, and blogging. I only began blogging in the past 6 months and I regularly tell anyone who is interested that this is one of my favourite parts of being a business owner. So I wondered why I’d been avoiding it. Throughout the move I’d been making mental notes to use in future blogs, such as what I did right and wrong during the move;  how most of us underestimate the physical toll of moving; that even if I’m not a “Senior” I can feel somewhat disoriented being in new surroundings and so on …

Its just today when I am too physically exhausted to do any more, its pouring rain and I’ve surfed the net shopping for new bedding for a few hours that my fingers and my thoughts have finally connected on the keyboard. No, I’m not doing nothing, I’m relaxing a bit and my brain now has enough space for some creative thoughts. Coming home from a vacation I’ve noticed the same thing … great ideas start coming forth unbidden.

Keep a notebook or two around so you can capture ideas when you relax … you never know where one will lead!



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