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Banish the Bed Head!

I consider myself fairly lucky that my hair is quite straight. It doesn’t respond too much to humidity and it generally behaves. This is when I take good care of it, blow it dry and touch it up with a straightener. If I let it dry naturally, or it gets wet between shampoos, it has a life of its own and gets “wings” and “horns”. Especially when I’m sleeping. You can picture it – that’s why they call it “Bed Head”.

Wake up with un-lined skin when you sleep on satin pillowcases

I found something that helps greatly with bed head and has the added bonus of making your face look better too! OK, maybe not your face, but the skin on your face! Its satin sheets! By satin – I mean silk, silk charmeuse, cotton sateen or good old fashioned satin microfibre (i.e. polyester,  but its not my fave). Turns out these slightly slippery fibres when used as pillowcase material keep your hair smooth, your hairstyle in place and help prevent creases in the skin while sleeping. If we spend up to one third of our lives sleeping, we may as well sleep on sheets and pillowcases that don’t mark our skin or ruffle our hair. Apparently legend has it that Hugh Hefner likes satin sheets, but maybe for another reason we won’t get into here …

If you’re like me you already have a few nice sets of sheets and don’t really want to buy silk sheets – they can be expensive and warm as they don’t breathe as well as cotton. The solution is to buy or make just pillowcases that coordinate with your existing sheets.  You don’t have to display your silk pillowcases on the front of the bed, you can tuck them in behind the pillow shams.

I purchased silk charmeuse pillowcases in a soft gold neutral colour that go with almost anything  at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Oakville (my new favourite store). They are actually the ones “as advertised on TV”. The sales clerk there led me to numerous options, unlike some major department stores where you may get a blank stare when you ask for satin pillowcases. I find my hair looks better when I get up than it did when I went to bed!

I’d love to know if you try satin pillowcases – drop me a note or comment. Did it keep your hair smooth? Your face unlined? Another good option for unwrinkled skin upon awakening is to sleep on your back (but not if you snore). Then you’d be disturbing your partner…  Bonne Nuit!

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