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For Mother’s Day

The author as a toddler with her mother

If you are among the fortunate majority, you probably grew up with your mother. Or maybe a female relative was like a mother to you. Lucky you! My deepest sympathies for those who did not know their mothers or had them for too short of a time.

She is often our primary caregiver and role model. A person you may wish to be like … or someone you may not wish to be like. Or both! A person who shaped our lives, our beliefs, our faith – almost everything about us. Our mothers!

My Mom was a stay-at-home mother and I always remember her freshening up before my Dad got home from work. She changed her dress, washed her face, put on lipstick. A nice idea!

She made our clothes, and matching ones for our Barbies. She made our meals (Shake ‘n’ Bake, anyone?) and taught me how to bake. Mom taught me how to sew, knit, write thank you letters and do laundry. She wouldn’t let me wear jeans or pierce my ears. She made me take piano lessons and practise daily. She bought me round toe brown oxfords because they were good for my feet. She also bought me these amazing pearlized leather pumps for my wedding day thirty years ago …

My mother – My Friend, Globetrotter, Social Butterfly and Shopper Extraordinaire! Maddeningly self sufficient with energy to spare and in excellent health! I want to be you when I grow up!

Twenty nine years ago I became a mother and its a role I always wanted. I am fortunate to have both a son and a daughter and even though they are adults now, its true what my mom always said – You never stop being a mother! Its one of the strongest bonds between human beings and vital for our survival. It will be interesting to hear what my children think I taught them someday, but truly I probably learned as much from them! Thank you Mike and Shannon for letting me be your Mom!

Contrary to my own popular belief, Mother’s Day was not started by Hallmark Cards – its roots trace back to ancient Greek times. Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in the UK since the 1600′s. It does not need to be a huge commercial celebration. Most of my friends who are moms appreciate time with their grown children – and moms with little ones underfoot generally appreciate some time with themselves! However you celebrate it – enjoy your Mom, your kids and your day!

Happy Mother’s Day! And thanks Mom!



Argan Oil – the Fountain of Youth?

The Goats can’t be wrong!

People have been looking for it for centuries – that elixir or potion that can keep you looking and feeling young. Many today find their answers in cosmetic procedures and surgery. Some swear by Retin-A . Others maintain that exercise, diet and lifestyle can keep you younger.

As a Lucky magazine subscriber I read with interest a recent article by Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June about the benefits of argan oil. Moroccan goats apparently climb trees to eat the precious argan fruit. (This in itself is a feat, as they have cloven hooves). Argan oil, which comes from this fruit has been used for years as an anti-aging all round beautifying moisturizer by people from Crete and Morocco.

In a personal test, I used about 5-7 drops of oil on my face as a moisturizer after cleansing. I did this twice a day for a week. After just one treatment, I immediately noticed an improvement in softness, plumpness and a slight healthier glow. My facialist also noticed a swift improvement, especially in my forehead area. And although the oil absorbs quickly, its benefits can still be felt on the skin for quite some time. It does not stain pillowcases and can be used on hair, nails and skin as well as on the face. I’ve tried Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil (from Sephora) and the Sheaterra Organics Moroccan Argan Oil, pictured above, available at Kabuki Spa & Skin Care Centre on Locke Street in Hamilton. For now, its my Fountain of Youth!