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Accepting a compliment

Do you find it easy to give compliments to others?

Oh, I like your hair! What a pretty dress! That lipstick looks great on you! Yes, they roll off the tongue quite easily.

How do you feel about accepting compliments?

What, this old thing? Oh, I’ve had this for ages. Yes, but I’m having a bad hair day.

Why do we try to downplay the nice things that people say to us? Why do we feel obliged to point out the things others have obviously overlooked – the bags under our eyes, our scuffed shoes, the coat in need of a wash, etc.

NOT accepting a compliment insults both you and the person complimenting you. It can make that person feel worse than if they’d said nothing at all. My friend Judy who works as a cashier at a Home Improvement store said she makes a point of being friendly and complimenting most every person that comes through her till. She says its surprising how many people do not know how to accept a compliment.

What should you do?

1. Say thank you! End of story. You don’t need to provide the place you bought  your purse, how much it cost you on sale, or anything else. Just say thank you.

2. Try a compliment back. Say, “Funny, I was just admiring YOUR shoes!” It could be a great conversation starter.

3. Say something nice like, “Oh, you are so kind/sweet/lovely!” You may not agree with their compliment, but at least you haven’t insulted the person.

4. Smile! It may not be necessary to say anything at all.

Last summer I headed out to do a little shopping. It was a beautiful day, and I decided to take it up a notch and put on a T-shirt dress with a matching cardigan. When I got out of the car, a woman in the parking lot yelled out at me – “YOU LOOK VERY NICE!”. Even though I felt slightly embarrassed, it was a good feeling. I had tried a little harder with my appearance and someone had noticed. I can still remember how the compliment made me fee leven though this  happened months ago. Say something nice to someone today!


“Everybody likes a compliment”

~Abraham Lincoln



Who’s wearing the pants?


Ladies, this one is for you! Today’s blog addresses one of my pet peeves and a clothing item most men find perplexing  … jeggings! Love ‘em or hate ‘em and call them what you will – leggings, jeggings, pleather, stretchy pants or stirrups – these are the ultimate comfort item for your bottom half. However many women seem to forget - jeggings are not pants - you must wear a top that covers your behind! Try a long sweater, oversized shirt, tunic, or even a dress. Otherwise it simply looks like you forgot to put pants on. Daily I see this Fashion Faux Pas being repeated. These pants are already sexy enough as they follow your form closely – you need a top that covers your rear to balance the look. Besides – as my mother would have said – why give a free show? Jeggings – are they for you?

Jegging  +Pluses




Often black or denim blue so go with anything


Jegging  -Minuses

Shows every ripple, bulge and sag and your underwear

Needs to be washed to return to shape

Collects dust and fluff particles easily, no pockets

Prone to “camel toe” in front


If you’re not sure if what you’re wearing qualifies as pants or jeggings, just for fun you can try this quiz I found on Google images.


Even though I own several jeggings myself, I always make sure to wear a long top, shirt, tunic or sweater. Pass it on!