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Say NO to these baggy
unisex overalls

A reader from British Columbia writes -

Dear RealStyle:

Is it wrong to want overalls?

~Jennifer, student age 21

RealStyle responded -

Dear Jennifer,

No, its not wrong to want them. Just hard to find a flattering pair!

Well, I’ve been educated by a student! There are plenty of cute, fitted and even sexy overalls out there that look comfortable and easy to wear. And there are some to flatter any body type. In “my day” overalls were baggy, unisex or actually borrowed from the boys. The overalls I’m seeing in the Spring issues look nothing like those!

Just like jumpsuits, overalls have undergone a makeover and are back and better than ever. With a variety of washes, colours and leg styles, overalls are just like jeans only better! Underneath, sport a navel skimming crop top, a plaid shirt or a tank. For a night out add heels, a jacket and a clutch. No one will mistake you for a farm worker wearing the new overalls!

Wear this combo
to the club at night!

Try this during
the day at school

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