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feathering your nestAre you or any of your relatives, friends or colleagues experiencing the following:

  • Merging households?
  • Family members moving in or out?
  • Interior rooms need painting or re-purposing?
  • Staging home for resale and need to sort out and dispose of accumulated clutter?
  • Hobby rooms, home offices, stockrooms – out of control and no longer useful?
  • A room requires a new furniture placement?
  • Large assortment of family photos and memorabilia?
  • Basement or attic out of control?
  • Garage is more of a storage shed than a place to put your car?
  • Moving and need to downsize?
  • Running a busy household and your children have a lot of stuff?
  • A death in the family has left you with personal belongings to sort through?
  • Numerous important papers and bills you don’t know whether to keep or toss?
  • Too much stuff?

residential organizing services

                                    • Furniture placement and decorating tips (inc. colour selection)
                                    • Implementing filing systems
                                    • Re-purposing items you may already have
                                    • Custom storage solutions
                                    • Professional, non-judgmental support for difficult decision making
                                    • Check-ups and coaching to help support the new system

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