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Sheets! by Ann Morrison Tufts

Coventry Toile by Decor Mfg. Co, Toronto.

As a former Chambermaid (in my teens) I know a thing or two about sheets. Back when I was snapping sheets in Banff, we usually changed the sheets every night, like most hotels did. It always seemed to be a big waste of money, not to mention a lot of work to do daily, in hotels all around the world. Thank goodness that has changed!

January is the time of year when most ”White Sales” are held. After Christmas many people are busy re-feathering their nests, re-arranging their home interiors, staying warm and supposedly buying sheets! After you’ve rid your linen closet of any pilled, mismatched, ripped or stained sheets you may decide a new set is just what you need. A few things to consider:

1. Buy cotton! I prefer 100% cotton, the higher thread count the better. Cotton mixed with polyester does give additional durability/wash-ability, but I like the feel of cotton next to my face. Look for Egyptian cottons with the highest thread count you can find, linen/cotton blends, cotton flannel, or even 100% silk if you don’t mind a bit of sliding around!. Other good words to look for on the package are combed cotton or sateen. I currently have a set of gold Egyptian 800 count sheets. They are so plush and heavy, I can hardly lift them when they are wet! They ensure a cosy night’s sleep.

2. Beware micro fibre sheets! That is just another way of saying they are made from 100% polyester. They won’t breathe, get static electricity and wash poorly. Take a pass.

3. Change  ‘em! No, its not your imagination – you do have a better sleep on clean sheets. Some of the scents used in laundry detergents, especially anything with lavender help promote sleep. Be your own chambermaid and change sheets weekly. Hang to dry outside if you can, for even more freshness. Iron if you dare!

We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in bed – get some great sheets!



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  1. Shirley says:

    Hey Ann-
    We recently have switched from our polar fleece sheets ( can you say death sleep?) to bamboo…. so hard to get out of that bed….xxxxx S

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