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Summer do’s and don’ts for Women

OK Ladies, summer (such as it is) is here!  You didn’t think I’d only pick on the men did you? Here are a few of my suggestions for looking  your best while staying cool this summer.


1. Wear low cut tops, especially at work. No-one appreciates seeing “the girls” in a business setting – they are highly distracting. Pay attention if you serve the public, you may be bending over a desk or counter and giving customers an eyeful. If the top or dress you have is low cut in front, invest in a camisole or wear a thin sleeveless T underneath. Or button a sweater or jacket over top. One of my pet peeves is showing bra straps. I don’t like them, enough said. Thank you.

2. Wear clunky white running shoes with business attire. I can’t believe I have to say this, but I saw it again last week (within an hour of the black over-the-knee-boots spotting, read on). OK, we get it – you commute to work and your tired tootsies can’t handle the uncomfortable shoes you wear during the day, but there are so many other cooler options than socks and shoes: ballet flats, non-athletic sneakers, deck shoes, moccasins, low heeled sandals, espadrilles. You can walk in comfort and be stylishly cool at the same time.

3. Wear pyjamas in public. Again, I can’t believe I still see this everywhere. Hamilton where is your shame? From north to south and east to west, there are Hamiltonians wearing their pyjamas in public. They may be taking the dog out for a quick walk – or picking up a fast coffee at Timmies – or dashing into the corner store. But if you have opened your front door and walked out it, you aren’t in your living room any more! Please wear underwear and clothes if you are in public and save your adorable PJ’s for your next pillow fight or sleepover.


1. Check the mirror before you leave the house: That flowy light coloured sundress (a definite DO and I’ve seen so many of you wearing dresses lately!) could be see-through and no-one wants to see your undies as cute as they may be. Wear a slip if necessary, or nude skin toned panties.

2. Adjust your makeup: If your makeup routine is the same day after day, season after season, its time to  adjust! Since we usually get a little sun-kissed despite daily SPF usage, try peachy pink or coral shades for lips and cheeks. Ditch the heavy lipstick colours and slick on a gloss or my favourite, a tinted lipbalm with SPF from Burt’s Bees. Waterproof mascara is great for hot days – it has good staying power and lasts through unexpected floods, crying at weddings and general sweating.

3. Dress seasonally. Gone are the days when white was only donned between Victoria Day and Labour Day. Whites and creams can be worn all year round, it is the material that determines the season, not the colour. Again, stick to natural fibres for the coolest clothes – cotton, linen or hemp. (Silk, although natural, tends to be a bit warm for summer.) Conversely, black can be worn in the summer – but please, not in the form of over-the-knee-boots which I saw last week! If you like to keep it dark, get some black sandals or a black pedi.

Thanks Ladies, for letting me have my say – have a stylish summer wherever you are – and remember, looking good is the best revenge if you happen to need it!



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