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The perfect Christmas Gift

There’s no denying it now people … its a slippery slope ’til Christmas, only one month to go!

Last Christmas I received I gift that blew me away! I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’m a fairly “crafty” person myself and have made, sewed, knitted and baked my fair share of Christmas gifts over the years. But this one takes the cake!

My brother John and his wife Tina are the owners of Morr-McNaughton Stables in Caistorville and they breed Canadian Horses. In addition to their herd, they keep other animals on their farm including some sheep. The sheep are fun to have around but serve a purpose too. These Shetlands are from Flock One – the first Shetland sheep brought to North America. Each year they have their wool shorn and it is taken away to be spun into knitting yarn – pure, organic, hand spun – you get it!  The colour of  each skein is dependent on which sheep it came from. John and Tina have four different sheep, so there are four different colours.

Tina (who also teaches skating and has a day job)  likes to knit and crochet in her spare (!) time. For Christmas last year she whipped up some delightful headbands for some of the girls in our family. Mine is a cream colour (Lindsay provided my wool) and looks great with my Quartz Nature red parka. To complete her creation and hold the headband together all Tina needed was a button.

When you live in the country and you don’t have a button you improvise!

John was charged with finding a button. On their property were many fallen trees and branches from the ice storm we experienced just before Christmas in 2013. John got a brilliant idea,  took a saw to one of the branches, cut some slices, drilled two holes and voila! Buttons!


Clockwise from top left Jackie, Mary,Bo and Lindsay



Thanks Lindsay , bottom left for my wool!



Needless to say, it was a beautiful gift and the wooden button was the finishing touch, n’est ce pas? I’d love some mittens this year … hint, hint!

For more information on John and Tina’s farm or to buy a horse visit





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